Backyard Grill Disposable Grill Topper, 3 pack


  • Expanded aluminum surface
  • Grills food evenly and is sturdier than foil
  • Great for delicate fish, seafood, veggies, burgers and more
  • Perfect for camping and tailgating
  • Keeps food from falling into grill
  • Easy cleanup, keeps your grill-grate cleaner
  • Use until it wears out, then recycle
  • Size: 12″ x 15.25″
  • Made in USA


The Backyard Grill Disposable Grill Topper is 100 percent recyclable, and is handcrafted from prime expanded-aluminum right here in the USA! It grills food evenly and is sturdier than foil. The disposable grill topper keeps your grill clean and keeps food on top of the grill where it belongs.